Ashlee Wilson-Hawn Bio - Age

Ashlee Wilson-Hawn was born in Atlanta, but grew up in the Southern part of Georgia (hence that lovely accent) where her family company is located and has been located for over fifty years. She is a television personality, entrepreneur and philanthropist best known for her TV role on Big Rich Atlanta, her beauty product line and her dedication to speaking out against violence and hate, as well as fighting for women’s issues.

Ashlee began her career at eight years old when she was discovered by L'Agence Agency which includes young modeling, vocal, and dancing careers. This is what she have to say; I actively worked all through my child, tween, and teen years gracing the pages of hundreds of magazines and catalogs. I was the "Back to School" Girl for Belk and JC Penney which was a super cool "first job" for a little girl! At 16 years old, I won Miss Georgia Teen on my very first round competing (rare)! My director, Roy Jordan, who is the longest running director in Miss Georgia Teen history was in utter shock when he announced that I was the first Miss Georgia Teen to be unanimously voted by all judges with a perfect score of ten from each judge to then be crowned Miss Georgia Teen. It was an awesome year for me as I gave back to the Great State of Georgia! I represented Georgia at Miss Teen All American (the oldest teen national pageant in the world! Halle Berry won the year I was born) and I placed third runner up which was an awesome honor considering I was the youngest girl in the top 5 by years. In 2001, I was the model for Siggers Hairdressers when they were honored with "The Best Color Salon in the South" award. This prestigious award was awarded by Elle Magazine. Gracing the pages of Elle while being a mere High School Student was just insane! I was on cloud nine! My dancing and vocal careers led me to perform for The President of the United States, Governors, celebs, and even performing out to sea on cruise ships. I was awarded the Simper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence from the United States Marine Corp and I have continued to hoan and perfect my vocal talents in multiple languages (Italian, French, and German) while working with some of the greatest vocal coaches whom have trained at Juilliard, Westminster, and the Conservatory of music.

Ashlee had a fight with Kahdijiha Rowe her fellow cast member during the Big Rich Atlanta reality series. She was born in 1985.

Instagram: ashleewilsonhawn


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