Opal Tometi Biography - Age

Opal Tometi was born in 1984 as the oldest of three children and has two younger brothers to a Nigerian parents who had immigrated illegally from Nigeria to the U.S. She is a Nigerian–American writer, strategist, community organizer and a Co-Founder of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Opal graduated from University of Arizona where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and a Masters of Arts degree in communication and advocacy. Later, Tometi received an honorary doctor of science degree from Clarkson University on May 7, 2016 She joined with Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza to give shape to the Black Lives Matters movement.


Tometi was featured as a new civil rights leader by Essence Magazine in 2014 and by the Los Angeles Times in 2013. She was listed in the Root 100 list of African American Achievers between 25 and 45. She was listed in the Cosmopolitan Top 100 list of extraordinary women.


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