Tiara Walton Bio - Age, Husband, Net Worth

Tiara Walton shows her tattoos

Tiara Walton is an American fitness instructor born on October 6, 1989. The Albany State University graduate is the founder of Mizhani Pole Fitness, where women are encouraged to get in shape through pole dancing.

Tiara Walton Bio

Tiara is a mother and have achieved great height in popular social media website Instagram where she has amassed more than 750,000 followers.

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Cristina Capron Bio - Age, Height, Fitness

Cristina Capron Bio

Cristina Capron is a fitness instructor born on January 27, 1995 in Coral Springs, Florida. She used to be a footballer for about 11 years and studied nursing at Michigan State University. Cristina is also a NASM certified personal trainer who created her own company CC Fit.

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Cristina Capron in the gym

She has more than 650,000 followers in Instagram where she posts pictures of her workouts and other lifestyles of hers.

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Brittne Babe Bio - Age, Fitness

Brittne Babe

Brittne Babe is a fitness instructor, model and health coach born on February 5, 1994 in New Jersey. She shares her fitness journey on her Youtube channel, blog, and Instagram where she already have more than 1 million followers.

Brittne Babe bio

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Farah Dhukai Bio - Age, Net Worth

Farah Dhukai Bio

Farah Dhukai was born on December 12, 1987 in Canada to a Ugandan father and a Tanzanian mother. She's a Youtube celebrity, blogger, hairdresser and makeup artist. Farah who is of Indian descent has over 1.5 million subscribers in Youtube and 4.8 million followers in Instagram.

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Farah has nice educational qualifications; diploma in the makeup industry and also earned a diploma from the Aveda Institute in cosmetology science.

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Kimmy Maxx Bio - Wiki, Age

Kimmy Maxx

Kimmy Maxx is a model and Instagram star, born on September 12, 1990 in Miami, Florida. The beauty who's of Panamanian and Haitian descent is well known for being on the pages of popular magazines and also appearing on music videos of superstars like Lil Wayne and Trey Songz.

Kimmy Maxx in blue tight jeans

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Kimmy works hard a lot and has worked as-as a real estate agent in Florida and is also a licensed dental hygienist. Maxx has more than half a million followers in her Instagram page.

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Irene the Dream Bio - Age, Height, Measurement

Irene the Dream

Irene the Dream (real name: Irene Chambless)is a model, entrepreneur, and artist. Born on May 23, 1985 in Florida, she began singing from her early years in the church choir and in 2012, she released a 20-song mixtape called The Dream is Real. Irene is a successful model who has worked Craze Magazine, King Mag and Sweets Magazine.

Irene the Dream shows her curvy body

This are her details; Height: 5' 3", Weight: 135 lbs, Bust: 34", Waist: 24", Hips: 43", Cup: D, Dress: 7, Shoe: 8.0 .

Irene the Dream in black dress

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Lovely Mimi Bio - Age, Husband

Lovely Mimi

Lovely Mimi whose real name is Myha Luong, is an Instagram star and an entrepreneur born on August 20, 1990, in Vietnam. As an entrepreneur, she owns a Nail salon called Luong’s Lovely Nails. Mimi has 1.2 million followers as of February 2017 and she's married to Remy.

Lovely Mimi bio
With her friend Alana Noel

Lovely Mimi in black jumpsuit

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Brit Eady Bio - Age

Brit Eady

Brit Eady was born on October 9, 1987, in Atlanta, Georgia. The Fashion enthusiast and Instagram star started from her teenage years as a model and currently, she has her own jewelry and accessory line Ten Twelve Fifty Nine (XXIILIX).

Brit Eady in green tight

Brit is well known for her jewelry business and has already amassed over 130,000 followers in Instagram.

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Alana Noel Bio - Age

Alana Noel Bio

Alana Noel is a model, actress, and an entrepreneur. This model is exceptional, at just four months of age her modeling career began, but when she turned 8, she stopped modeling. She already has over 240,000 followers in her Instagram and this are few details about her;

Alana Noel in Ghana fashion

Height: 5' 5", Weight: 108 lbs, Bust: 0", Waist: 24", Hips: 38", Cup: C, Dress: 0, Shoe: 6.5, Hair color: Black, Hair Length: Long and Eye Color: Brown.

Alana Noel

Alana was born on September 30, 1986 in United States and has a son and daughter with Instagrammer Polo Guapo.

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Selamawit Shiferaw Bio - Age

Selamawit Shiferaw is an Ethiopian model based in the US. The TNZ Agency fashion model was born on February 20, 1992, and is already making her way to the top. With over 101,000 followers in her Instagram, no doubt she's getting popular as the day goes by. She was

Selamawit Shiferaw in pink dress showing curvy body

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Rose Bertram Bio - Age

Rose Bertram wears white suit

Rose Bertram is a model born on October 26, 1994 in Belgium and is of Belgian, Portuguese, and Senegalese descent. She took her modeling career to another level when she was 17 and have worked with big-time magazines like Sports Illustrated and GQ. She has over 673,000 followers in Instagram.

facts about Rose Bertram

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4 Facts About Suelyn Medeiros

Suelyn Medeiros

1. Suelyn Medeiros is a Brazillian actress and model and has one of the best bodies among her fellow models.

2. She was born on 14 May 1986 in New York City but grew up in Rio de Rio de Janeiro, is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Suelyn Medeiros in red sexy dress

3. Suelyn weighs 128 lbs and has a height of 5' 8".

4. The luscious lady has over 2.3 million followers in Instagram where she normally posts her pictures.

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5 Facts About Demi Rose Mawby

Demi Rose Mawby

1. Demi Rose Mawby is an Instagram star and British model born on March 27, 1995 in Birmingham, England.

2. She has over 3.8 million followers in her Instagram and 7.7 million followers in her Twitter account.

3. The luscious lady has a height of 5' 2", 32DD bust and her ethnicity is Caucasian. She's of Spanish, French and English ancestry.

Demi Rose Mawby in blue nets

4. She wanted to be a model from a tender age but was scared she may be rejected due to her height. This is what she has to say; At 5’ 2" I never thought I would be able to break into modeling as I thought I was too short but I gave it a shot, applied to an agency and after 24 hours my modeling career began.

5. Demi once dated American rapper Tyga. As a model, she has worked with WorldStar HipHop, FHM Magazine, M! Magazine Denmark and more.

Demi Rose Mawby wears long boots

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5 Facts To Know About Shantel Jackson

Shantel Jackson in blue jeans jacket

1. Shantel Jackson is a model and an aspiring actress who began her career at the age of 15.

2. She was born on July 28, 1984, in Miami, Florida and is of Black American, Caucasian and American Indian descent.

3. Shantel attended a Technical arts high school where she studied in Entertainment Technology and later studied acting and psychology at Miami Dade, and the University of Miami.

Shantel Jackson and daphne joy
Shantel with her best friend Daphne Joy

4. Miss Jackson stands 5 feet and four inches tall and weighs 125 pounds in weight, Her body measurement is 34 – 26 – 39.

5. She once dated famous boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and is currently dating music star rapper Nelly.

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5 Hidden Facts About Daphne Joy

Daphne Joy bio

The lady with one of the best shape out there has some facts for us to read through. She's beautiful and is of mixed decent. Let's run through some facts about her;

1. She was born on February 08, 1987 in Olongapo, Philippines to a Puerto Rican father and Filipino mother. Her full name is Daphne Joy Cervantes Narvaez.

Daphne Joy in short dress

2. Her nationality is Philippines. She's a model and actress who rose to fame when she started dating the famous rapper ’50 Cent’ in 2011. Although she was dating with the popular actor and singer ‘Tyrese Gibson’ prior to dating the popular rapper.

3. Daphne began her modelling career at the age of 17. Her body details are; height: 5'6", measurements: 36-23-35 inches and weight: 56 kg.

Daphne Joy coming down the stairs

4. As an actress she has featured in the following movies ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘CSI: Las Vegas’ and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’.

5. As a model, Joy has appeared in the following magazines like ‘King magazine’, ‘Ed Hardy Swim Campaign 2009’, ‘Show magazine 2011 calendar’, ‘Performance: Auto and Sound magazine’, ‘Black men magazine’ and many others. She has 1.1 million followers in her Instagram.

Daphne Joy at the gym

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5 Facts You May Not Know About Abigail Ratchford

Abigail Ratchford appears in long black hair and nice red lips

1. Abigail Ratchford was born on February 12, 1992 as the fifth of seven children in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

2. The voluptuous lady is a glamour model, actress and social media star.

3. She had a very religious upbringing, in that she attended Catholic grade school, Catholic high school, and a Jesuit university but couldn't finish up before heading for her modelling career.

Abigail Ratchford in black dress

4. Abigail is very popular in the social media world, having over 8.6 million followers in Instagram and 458,000 followers in Twitter where she shares her pictures.

5. Ratchford is of Irish, German and French descent. As a model, she has appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit website, Zoo Weekly, Nuts, Esquire, Maxim and Playboy.

Abigail Ratchford bio

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Louise Chantal Bio - Wiki, Age

Louise Chantal Bio in white fashion

Louise's real name is Chantál Louise Cassandra Greatorex, She was born on December 9, 1995 in Norbury, London, England as the last of 10 children to an Afro-Caribbean mother and English father. She is a singer and model who kicked off her career at the age of 12 and became popular through her self-made music videos, where she quickly captured the attention of the Facebook and YouTube community online.

Louise Chantal looking good

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Chantal entered a professional level when she met Atlantic Records’ A&R, Walter Randall who introduced her to the critically acclaimed Grammy award winning producer Syience. She has modeled for big brands such as ELLE, Joyrich, the Matte Brand, and Valfre. Louise owns her own entertainment company, Aranbi LLC.

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Aisha Thalia Biography - Age, Net Worth, Photos

Aisha Thalia Biography

Aisha Thalia is an actress, model, and host from Pacific Island. Born in 1986, The Caribbean helps in promoting mental health awareness, fighting homelessness, vegan and organic living, female empowerment, curl awareness, artistic expression for children, and general positivity. She has 551,000 followers in her Instagram. She weighs 130 lbs / 59 kg and has a height of 5' 8" ( 68 inches) / 173 cm. Aisha has a masters degree in education.

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Aisha Thalia in pink jumpsuit

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Dj Millie Bio - Age

Dj Millie Bio

Dj Millie whose real name is Chelsea Dleah is a DJ and model. Her father is a bass guitarist/producer and she started her DJ career in 2012. Millie has played many instruments but the turntable have always been her favorite. She has more than 120,000 followers on Instagram.

Dj Millie looks sparkliing

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Kelsey Adams Bio - Wiki, Age

Kelsey Adams

Kelsey Adams is a model, actress, pose coach, fashion blogger and editor in chief of StyleYuu. Born and raised in Virginia, the alluring beauty has been featured in fashion magazines like Ellements, Elegant, Sheen and many others.

Kelsey Adams in rugged jeans

She has the following measurements; height: 138cm / 4´6”, eyes: Dark Brown, hair: Dark Brown, bust: 82cm / 32", waist: 59cm / 23" and hips: 93cm / 37". She's of Lebanese, Italian, African American, and Indian descent.

blogger Kelsey Adams

Kelsey Adams in ash color yoga pants

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3 Facts About Jada Sezer

Jada Sezer

1. Jada Sezer is a UK model who has made a name for herself in the modeling world.

2. She graduated with a BSc in Counselling Psychology in 2011 and went on to specialize with an MA in Child Psychotherapy.

3. Jada created her own brand SEZER as a responsible brand, known as 'the armour you wear to take on the world'.

Jada Sezer in transparent cloth

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