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Whitney Simmons bio

Born on February 27, 1993 in California, Whitney Simmons is a vlogger star and a fitness star. She came to limelight after sharing her fitness journey videos in her Youtube channel which have more than 600,000 subscribers and growing. Her parents were into fitness and this made her develop an interest in fitness. While growing up she was very active in gymnastics and within a short time, Whitney became a cheerleader at college, cheering for the basketball and football squads at Utah State University, where she later graduated from.

Whitney Simmons in the desert

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During her second year sh dropped out of being a cheerleader and this made her to be depressed and eventually resulted in a poor diet. On getting back home her parents encouraged her to hit the gym and from there she became hooked. Simmons started her Youtube channel on May 2015 and her Instagram account has over 2 million followers.


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