Amber Callahan Bio - Age, Fitness, Height

Amber Callahan shows her muscles

Amber J Callahan is a fitness model and an ifbb bikini Pro. Born in 1990, she's of Irish-Italian descent and graduated from the College of fine arts, with a BA in fashion design. While growing up she suffered from anorexia and dysmorphia of the body, while doing cardio for 2 hours every day to stay thin and this became worse to the extent that she started weighing 36 lbs.

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Amber Callahan biography

Amber decided to make a change in her life and made her way to the gym combined with nutrition she had victory over anorexia. She loves cats, pizza, and chicken. Her coach is amber Ingrid Romero and Joe Discuillo. Summary of her competitions are;

2017 - Arnold classic Australia Pro bikini - 13th place
2015 championship NPC USA bikini class C 1st place (obtained PRO card)
2014 - NPC national Championships bikini class D 3rd place
2014 - colostrum North American Championships bikini class C - 8th place


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