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Sophie Aris Bio

Sophie Aris is an English fitness model and bodybuilder born on September 7, 1989. Her story is a bit different from her fellow bodybuilders, she transformed her chubby figure when she became uncomfortable with it, according to her she aid it made her feel like a small round ball. Not only did she transform her figure, but also won a bikini bodybuilding competition.

Sophie Aris age

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Sophie's height is 5ft 1in and within a short period of time, she has already amassed over 320,000 followers on Instagram. According to her, lifting weight did a lot of body transformation for her. Aris is the founder of the health and fitness network The Way To Glow. Here's the inspiration in her story; she watched the UKBFF Warrington North West finals and vowed that she would participate in the bikini competition the following year. The good news is that she did participate, and surprisingly won the competition.


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